Perspectives of mobilemodelmusic

Presented below are a number of ideas that have occurred and survived as elements through the development of the project. Because the project is fluid, they by no means form a complete list and may be altered over time.

Natural form

One of the key characteristics of the project is it's inspiration by natural forms. This is born out of a personal predilection. As they stand the Principles of mobilemodelmusic may be applied to any physical phenomena and potentially some may even be taken beyond into other realms. At the outset of the project, the ambition was to cover a broad series natural physical phenomena: fluids, gases, grains, branches, breakups, bubbles etc. The work began with fluids and it soon became clear that this would in its self present a huge rich range of models. Thus most of the work deals with liquid forms.

Analogy not description

It should be made clear that in translating physical forms into musical ones, the aim is not to describe nor evoke the natural model. It is possible that the listener may 'hear' the model used and this outcome isn't being actively avoided. The fact that listeners may make different interpretations is its self of interest. The natural forms studied are treated as archetypes. The hypothesis being that as some of their essential elements may be common to a wide range of phenomena, so the associations made by listeners may be correspondently broad. A listener's own interpretation may open up a new view of the subject that would not have come to light any other way.

Form & function

Form and function are inter-changeable. The shape of a river-course is inseparable from physical characteristics and behaviours of all the elements involved. It is its nature to be as it is. An artifice such as I may create also has its nature. That this nature endeavours to attain ever more symbiotic relationships of form and function is a central to the project.


That material can be hammered, twisted, twirled, squashed, stretched, punched, ground, chopped, screwed, flattened, bloated, blown, interrupted, diverted, split, combined.. Also that outcomes are open in various ways and to varying degrees both at the point of composition and performance.

To reach out beyond what is currently conceived of

In using external models based on others' study, musical forms may be created that would not have arisen by solely compositional methods

Presentation of musical works

How a work is presented is also of interest here. Any supplementary information such as a title or programme note alters a listeners response. Some information may aid engagement, but careful consideration of how much, what sort and how is appear to be important factors.